Richard's Selections

by Ancient Forest

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released April 17, 2017

kalen bass, tenor, alto, soprano zones
lukas "sealand" drums



all rights reserved


Ancient Forest Missoula, montana

"Ancient Forest reminds me of the Tolkien-obsessed eco-folk of Tyrannosaurus deconstructed to their constituent parts, referencing trees, referencing Tolkien, and warped along some magic line unknowable to the uninitiated." -Weird Missoula

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Track Name: Sealand
Are you ready? Are you ready?
For the Window, to come along?
You know better, Still you're like, "La."
Sealand, you're wonderful.
Still winter comes across like a cup,
undoes your Iceman again.
What's the weather?
Tying knots around my feet.
Laced my shoes up, led my head.
I don't know why I wonder what you said.
Sealand, you're wonderful, but
winter comes across like a cup,
and it undoes your Iceman again.
Track Name: Purple
Home, sometimes I think it's just a feeling,
that I get when I'm living on my own.
I've got to get my cells together.
There's pebbles in the foam.
tóg bog é, take it easy.
Like the water in the snow
that used to live inside a woolcloud.

Slow, November ducks on the glassy water.
There's a hole around the corner
where tomorrows stack together.
There's a window near the yard
where the trees are half their leaves
Like bright shadows until the wind blows
Watercolors streaming down the river.
Track Name: Friends
When you were born, you were on your first day,
but when it comes around again isn't it called your first day?
Wonder where the dogs go.
Got my arms around the cedar.
Wonder if the fuzz comes from dogs, oh no.
Touch my fingers on your old growth.
You don't have to worry.
I've got time, I've got mind--but I wonder where the papers go,
They're all wrapped up underneath your arm like got no reason to dry.
Try and pick a reason for the sky, oh no, "it's" again.
Track Name: Hamlet?
What do you think of the reel when you've got time?
Play me like the bellows, I'm your knave, babe,
a wrinkle in the rime.
The clouds they hang on you, when they hang on me.
I could be your Ariel when we're on the Land of Sea.

-Enter ARIEL, invisible, playing solemn music-
Track Name: Inis Mór
Wonder if you ever know, ever see.
Ever paint the evening lavender,
like you showed the quay to me.
But I can see for miles, Inis free,
Inis Mór before An Daingen
Tried to light the night on me.

Wearing my foggy hat--
Do you like our breeze,
underneath the leaves?

Wand there if you ever go, ever been.
Ever paint the evening daffodil,
like a vulture in the breeze.
But I can see your "I don't knows,
I can't be."
Nickle Wildflower I saw you.
Nickle Flower you saw me

Wearing my foggy hat.
Do you like our breeze,
underneath your knees?
Track Name: Land of Sonnet
Shadow Candles drawn, when you're on the Land of Sonnet, let the grass up to your knees. And you know what's wrong. I could be there if you let me but it's "so long."
In this drift you're on, you might wonder what you are. Like the darkest diamond hit the sea, or the breeze.

Shadow Candles lie, when you're on the Land of Sonnet, let the hair into your eyes. And you know what's "right." I could be there if I let me but i'm uptight. In this drift you're on, you might wonder what you are. Like the darkest diamond hit the sea, or the breeze.

Tar eis trí lá, fuair se fainne, in áit.
Dúirt mé leat go raibh sé ann, ar a chionn.
Track Name: #1
It was away for a while, were you listening?
Another draft of woodsmoke passes through the yard.
But along comes the breeze, and it's "just like it."
An arm around the shoulder, sort of free.
Upper Neighbors on the wire.
Posh Law, threading silence through the lyre.
Still I am the wall, even little one's make decisions,
Try to instrumental all the time.
But what was the game but a little too specific?
Now there's wrongs, caught in this way.
I can't hide, Brittle Thistle.
Treading letters through the night.